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Life-changing moments happen every day within the walls of West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology (WMCAT). Now thanks to a refreshed brand by Plenty, the creative energy that has shown thousands of people a path out of poverty is more visible to the public, too.

Established in 2005, WMCAT offers after-school arts classes for high school students, school day art programs for local districts, and a tradition of career training for adults in need. This year, in preparation for new programs and partnerships, the organization asked Plenty to revamp its image.

“We have exciting changes happening right now, so it’s a really good time for a refresh,” says Luisa Schumacher, Executive Director of WMCAT. “We want people to know our name, what we provide, and how we add value to the community. Our friends at Plenty did a great job of translating that into a brand initiative that also shows off our students’ work. The modern simplicity, yet playfulness, speaks to our central way of doing things at the organization. It’s as simple as it is fun, and it packs a lot of punch.”

Nicole LaFave, the designer behind the new identity, explains the inspiration behind the new logo. “It’s all simple shapes, basic colors, and design principles,” she says. “I used those basic ideas to create a bold statement that was colorful, loud, and unconventional. It feels youthful and reflects the energy at WMCAT.”


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Jul 15, 2013


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    Oct 18, 2012

    nice style ( remember origami style) and colors combination