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My name is Sophia Georgopoulou and I am a graphic designer from Athens (Greece), who studied in London UK and has been experienced in the fields of branding, logo design, visual communication, corporate identity, web environments, packaging and print.
My personal interests also involve illustration, photography, painting and handcrafting clothes and accessories.

In my work, I favour the combination of creativity and aesthetic simplicity that does the job without unecessary noise. Creativity is the seed for great work, but I also believe in the importance of strategy and planning as a prerequisite for things to ‘click’. Creating visual identities for companies and brands of all sizes is my passion, but this passion comes hand-in-hand with a good mix of rational thinking and professionalism.

My ultimate desire and my goal is to constantly inspire people through my work by providing them with premium quality design solutions, make them smile and try to make them see things in a different perspective.
My work has been awarded in prestigious National and International Design competitions and was published in selected worldwide known publications about design.

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Sophia Georgopoulou