DesignerSimona Munteanu [ Misona ]

I share the idea that art should be understood as a space of freedom, a space in which the works of art shouldn’t only be admired, but also used to manipulate reality. This is why, in my works,

I like to gather all sorts of memories, games, stories, mine as well as others’. Being new is not a criterion for the artistic output any more. The forms and functions of art are continuously evolving, draining their blood from the Zeitgeist itself. My works are not realist: they are my imagining of things rather than my living of things.
Some say there is nothing to be learned from art. It is not religious, not political, sometimes not moral as it used to be. Art exists for itself, by itself and it is important for art to have qualities of its own., Cluj Napoca

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Ally McBeans

Simona Munteanu [ Misona ]