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Book World
Designed by
Mike Rigby
Designer Website


Pearson Australia (owners of the Penguin Group) approached us to create a new brand for Bookworld. Pearson has recently purchased the digital assets of Borders and has transitioned the site and customers to Bookworld.com.au. The brief was to build a compelling brand and an engaging experience.

Our solution was born from asking ourselves a very simple question: have you ever wondered where the characters go when you close the page? The answer is, they go to Bookworld – where books come from.

This thought led to the literal creation of a ‘Bookworld’ – a magical place where every book in the history of literature comes from. The fun, engaging and entertaining brand identity plays out across a series of illustrated, genre specific landscapes. From Crime City, to Horror-Ville and everything in between. Bookworld is also a place that is full of characters. And many famous personalities and archetypes populate the communications. From Sherlock Holmes, to Frankenstein.

The new logotype features a simple and bold ‘B’ that is reminiscent of a book with the subtle ‘W’ designed to look like a Bookmark. The logo is also designed to open up in animation – much like a book – revealing the magical world within.

The idea also extends into the shopping experience and as Bookworld is a real place – you don’t become a member, but a citizen! Upon joining you receive a Bookworld passport and a personal message from the ruler of Bookworld – King Avid Reader. You can even purchase Bookworld currency to use as a gift voucher.

After creating the identity system and designs for the website, Interbrand also created Bookworld’s first ever Christmas advertising campaign.

The King takes centre stage in the TV, print, online and outdoor campaign by delivering his Christmas speech. He offers a special ‘10% off for all citizens’ and ends with the declaration that Bookworld will ‘even beat those Amazonians by 10%’.

Bookworld CEO James Webber said, ‘The launch is really exciting as we’re one of the
biggest online stores to launch in Australia for some time. We believe the innovative Citizen offer and strong advertising campaign will entice people to shop at Bookworld for Christmas this year.’

Conceived, designed and written at Interbrand Australia with Ben Miles, Joao Peres, Chris Doyle, Andy Wright, Jefton Sungkar, Dean Christie, Da


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