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Hospital de Braga
Designed by
Rui Granjo
Designer Website


Situated in the north of Portugal and serving a population of over 1.2million inhabitants with state of the art medical technology and strengthened medical teams, the new Braga Hospital (a partnership between José de Mello and the Portuguese Government), was designed to become one of the most important healthcare and health investigation facilities of the northern region.

So, the relocation to the new, larger and modern facilities was the motto for the rebranding of the Braga Hospital.

Through associating the striking ethnography and some of its most emblematic features, together with elements immediately recognized as health care, the logo dictated a strong human and emotional communication scheme that not only reinforced the spirit but also its local heritage of the north of portugal.

Friendly, fresh and close the identity proved to be so popular that it will also be applied to the new Vila Franca de Xira Hospital scheduled to open this coming year.


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