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Praxeis Zois
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“Praxeis Zois” is a Non-Governmental Organization. Its name means “Acts of Life” and the main objective is to raise awarness against poverty and social exclusion of fellow citizens by providing all possible help and support (ethical, financial, medical or psychological) to people who are in need. The inspiration for the logo came from two elements that effectively depict the values of the organization: A heart and a human hand in an offering gesture.


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Hashamt Ali ansari

Jun 17, 2017

can you plz send me a fine and beautiful logo for my NGO named as Social Help And Healthy India “SHAHI” Foundation


Your name

May 29, 2013

I have pleased to see and to read of your logo and objectives of you ngo.I appriciate of your objectives and feelings for human being.
I am also running a NGO in my area.My NGO name is GHAZALI WELFARE SOCIETY.THE objectives and plans of my ngo is to stop poverty,health,education,to help needy people likk orphanes,old people to manage marriages of poor girls ,and awareness of social activities.
With Best Wishes For Praxeis Zois
Faisal Mahmood
President Ghazal Welfare Society